Tuesday, October 5, 2010

His name is Cowboy

And he is wonderful. I wonder how he feels about me telling "my world" that I think he's wonderful (but I DO have permission). I wouldn't call him shy, but he certainly doesn't announce himself to the world. He doesn't have to - meet him once, and he makes an impression. A good one. That lasts.

He didn't "have me at hello", because I saw him before he saw me, and I'm pretty sure I blushed just looking at him. I think he took my breath away. I know he does now. There's just something about him. This easy grace. This relaxed aura (SUCH a cheesy word, but a better description eludes me, at the moment)

He lives in Oklahoma City. At this point, it's probably good that he lives almost two hours away, because when I'm with him, conversation eludes me. (I know, you need a minute to recover from the previous statement). And our conversations are so wonderful, because he's SMART and ARTICULATE and ... yes, it's true... he has GREAT GRAMMAR! (come on now, you know what that does to me...)

He knows I'm taking this "Purpose and Destiny" course, and although he may secretly think it's a little crazy, he has been very supportive of all my decisions about the course (like no kissing until after Graduation) - I am SO thankful I made that decision before I met him, or I never would have been able to make it. And honestly, for me, it's fun to have the anticipation of that first kiss. (TMI, Cowboy? They all know, anyway...) Delayed gratification isn't something we really have a lot of in our country/culture, so I'm enjoying it (again - easier with him living almost two hours away).

Cowboy takes care of me. He fixed my mailbox. He MANICURED my yard - I don't know what else to call it - Weed ate (past tense?), edged, mowed...every blade of grass looks perfect. And then he swept every speck of grass off my driveway. And I DARE a weed to show it's face - even in the cracks of my driveway, they are no longer allowed to reside.

There is NOTHING cowboy about him, but he still chuckles when I call him that - which I do, all the time. And I'm not sure why I do, but he lets me, and that's one more thing I like about him.

And... he told me last weekend would be "to die for", and he was absolutely correct.

He is a great adventure, and I am so enjoying the ride.


  1. Yee Haw!
    Not my usual, but in honor of Cowboy. :)
    Keep us informed.

  2. WOW!!! He's the luckiest guy in the world... I bet he likes pie

  3. Swoon, baby. You paint a very happy picture! Very glad for you. Love is grand.

  4. Oh my goodness I've been out of the loop! Looking forward to hearing more Cowboy stories! : )