Friday, March 13, 2009

More from Kambi Teso

It's so amazing how thankful the children are for anything. I know I told you there was no well out there, so when we go, we bring a twenty gallon jug, a 10 gallon and then two 5 gallon jugs. We also fill up any bottles we have used in the office, and then we pass it out. On Thursday, we actually went back (30 minute drive) to the Office to refill the big ones. Okay, Levi went back to get the water.

Here are some photos of the Village Ladies ladling out the water.

These are the tents.

The large one was where we had Registration (they came on Monday and got a Registration card where we wrote their name, age and gender.) There were 100 cards for every day, and they were color coded. However, Tuesday we saw 155, Wednesday we saw 182, and Thursday we saw 205. On Wednesday, 148 people were tested for HIV. Only 9 were positive. Yeay! Of course, many who suspect or know simply may not want to be tested because they don't want to know the truth, but it's still refreshing to see those numbers be low. After Registration they went to Triage, where they had their temperature, heart rate and blood pressure taken.

This is the inside of the large tent - unfortunately, this is after we had taken most of the stuff down. Sorry! But those poles are where we had sheets up for the different doctor's screening rooms, and the end is where the Pharmacy was set up.

Then we sent them to see the doctor. After the Doctor, they went to the Pharmacy. We had them walk around the tent to the other side where we had an open door with a table setup. They gave their Registration card where the doctor has written the diagnosis and meds recommended, and we filled the prescription. The Doctors are fourth year Med Students - but in Kenya, you ARE a doctor after your four year Bachelor degree... So, GREAT practice for them, and great for us and the people in Kambi Teso.

The small tent was where we had prayer for them. And honestly, there were miraculous healings. A deaf lady received hearing, and a man who could not lift his legs more than three inches off the ground without tremendous pain throughout his legs, hips and back, was able to lift his knees up chest high and walk freely. Incredible. One thing that the team members said about those who came through the prayer line was that, in the States, we go up for prayer and really HOPE that God will touch us or heal us. But the Kenyans had a very clear EXPECTATION of what God would do. Perhaps because there is nothing else for many of them BUT God. Anyhow - there's more but this is MORE than long enough.

Love you guys! Thanks for reading.


  1. We take fresh running water so forgranted!!!! As we do so many things.

    Your tea bag envelope will go in the mail on April 1st along with Mickey's & mine. Thanks for the privilege of doing this, Soh.

    And YES, we will have lunch at Paderia Bread!! Just call me or e-mail me.

  2. FANTASTIC. Love the pictures.