Sunday, March 22, 2009

At the Village

Here we go. Some photos of me here. These were taken today at the Village with the kids. After Church, (which we have there - 24 kids and their House Parents and the six of us and other various people make our own fairly large church). Anyway... after Church, Phyllis asked if she could use my camera. So, I let her - and Kelvin - and probably several others...

seriously - these kids are so wonderful. They love each other, care for one another, are sweet and kind and good. And have some horrifically terrible stories.

Enough of the talk - here are the pics.

Me with Ian! He's four and this picture was taken be Kelvin - age 8.

By Phyllis - age 8

with Melody - taken by ? not sure, but I liked her grip on the camera - fingers over the front.

John - darling, eh? No idea who took this. He's 4.

So, some girl wanted a photo of their stuffed animals. And this is the girls' bedroom at one of the houses...

Okay - sorry I know this may have been a bit of overkill.

But, one last photo - this is the precious, beautiful Baby Diana - more about her in the next couple of days. She's usually much more smiley, but this is the first day I've worn makeup... so...


  1. You look fabulous and happy :o)

  2. Do you think Diana was afraid?? haha. I LOVE THIS PICTURES!!! You let them use your new camera??? Brave brave woman!

  3. wonderful! keep 'em coming...

  4. WONDERFUL!! You look so happy - and Diana is an ANGEL :)

  5. Loved the photos. Keep them coming!

  6. You look wonderful -- and happy. Love the photos. :-D

  7. What amazing pictures! You look fabulous!