Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Faces by Phyllis

awww shucks - you guys were so sweet about my last post - you even commented!!!

Okay - these were taken by Phyllis - age 8. I think she's so clever. And I hope you haven't created a monster by encouraging me to post photos...

Peter Kamelli - (we just call him Kamelli - he's the Head House Parent and WONDERFUL!)

Kelvin, age 8

Brenda - one of the team members who stayed on a bit longer. Very sweet lady.

Collins - he's 9 and I love him!

yes, Collins...

Rachel - Founder and President of Open Arms International

Ruth - head of Office Administration, etc. She's from the UK, but I STILL love her!

but they DIDN'T break my camera!


  1. You're having way too much fun and I know those kids are.

  2. I love the pictures--the kids are just amazing!

  3. Maybe you should give a few photography lessons. I love those half-a-head shots. Classic!