Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Bus

It's a very nice bus. With seating for 25. It's a Mercedes, for heaven sake... :)

But this bus sometimes has problems, as many vehicles do.

This is the bus that is used to take the children where they need to go. When there is a team in town, doing medical missions, etc, they use this bus. When we do the Feeding Program, this bus is used. This bus is needed.

So, when it breaks down, it is not so good.

It broke down last week. It was fixed over the weekend. A tire caught on fire because the brakes were bad.

On Monday morning we were loading up the bus at 9:30 to go out to Kambi Teso with all of the Medical Supplies, tents, etc.

But the call at 9:15 let us know that the battery had died. Actually, BOTH batteries. I didn't know a bus used two, but it makes sense, being a big bus and all. And it would take an hour to charge them before Levi could bring the bus our way.

In the meantime, we loaded the tents into the truck. The Security Guards (Welfare Officers) got to sit back there WITH the tents to keep them secure... I don't know how excited they were, back there in the all black uniforms, WITH LONG SLEEVE GREEN WOOL SWEATERS, holding on to tents, in 90 degree weather, for half an hour. But, hey it's a job...

So, an hour later the bus rumbles up to the Office. There appears to be something wrong with some sort of belt, so a mechanic is asked to come quickly. And he WAS here quickly. Like lightning for Africa.

Finally, we load up. It's 11:30 by this time. Then Levi says, "Oh, very bad thing. The Worst thing."
"What Levi?"
"The key just broke off in the ignition."
I'm not kidding, folks...
FORTUNATELY we are in AFRICA!!!! And the mechanic is still there.... so he HOT WIRES the bus and we are good to go!!

Yee hah! Africa!


  1. Oh my! I love seeing Levi's smiling face despite all the frustrations. I hope you were smiling too!

    What an adventure!

  2. Ahhh... to live a simplier life. ???

  3. WAHOO! Hot wired busses. I KNEW you were in the right place :)