Friday, September 7, 2012

What Happened Next

This is two weeks late. So, remember the kitchen frustration? Electrical and whatnot?

 Well, the next morning I was praying and I was saying lame things like, "LORD, you have told us to ask you to bless us. I am asking that and it just seems like the very opposite of blessing is happening. Please, BLESS us."

 After my morning classes, there was a text from Jerry (Contractor) asking me to call him on my break. After a heavy sigh, I called him.

 Conversation went as follows:
 J: "How much did we estimate the granite?"

Me: (with fear and trembling) "$1,000"

 J: "Great. That's great. I think I've found a solution to your electrical bill problem."

 Of course, this isn't his problem to have to solve. It's our 82 year old house and therefore, what we got ourselves into.

 J: "I got a call from Juan (Tile guy) asking me to help him. This lady whose house he's working on asked him to get rid of a 9 foot Billiard table It's in perfect shape but she doesn't want it in her house anymore. He has no use for it, so he asked me to take it. Well, I don't play billiards and I have no need or use for it. Then, I woke up in the middle of the night with the answer. Josh. (Granite guy) So, I called Josh and asked him if he wanted a 9 foot billiard table. He said, 'Maybe'. So I told him I would trade him the granite slab for the table and he said yes. So, there's $1000 off the budget that you don't have to worry about, so it will just go towards your electrical."

 Me: (dumbfounded) "Jerry, you don't have to do that at all."

 J: "Well, that's what we're doing so that's the answer."

 Then, three days later when I've decided that I think I would prefer a sleek hood vent as opposed to a big microwave over the stove, since we don't use one.

 Me: "Jerry, is it too late to switch out the microwave for a hood vent? I know we've already ordered the cabinets, but we'll just eat that."

 J: "No, that'd be fine."

 (Insert long conversation about size of micro, and options for hood vent whilst at the appliance store including discussions about re-circulating vents etc which Appliance guy couldn't wrap his head around.")

 J: "Well, Builder's Warehouse has some great ones and I have a credit of about $250 there that I've been sitting on for about a year, so you can just apply that to it."

 Me: "Jerry, you're NOT buying our hood vent."

 J: "Seriously, I have NO NEED for anything from that store. I've been sitting on that money for over a year. So, Tuesday after school go look at them and see if they have one you like."

 Tuesday I go and take pictures to show Steve. I get home and Jerry is there and asks about it. I show them the pics and Steve says which one he likes best. Wednesday it's sitting in our living room.... Jerry... Yes, I am humbled and blessed. What kind of contractor DOES that? Oh right, one that the LORD decides to use, and who loves the LORD himself.


  1. I love hearing how our wonderful God works!!! Yes, He hears and answers prayer!!!

  2. Sooo awesome!! I'm so glad you told this story. Call me!