Sunday, September 16, 2012


Pendant light in front of the window that looks into our TV room.

Matching one in front of the window over our sink.

Possibly my favorite part of the kitchen. This is the cabinet where my fancy mixer and the coffee pot (French Press) will go. And they will be plugged in AND on a roll out stand. Yes....

Cookbooks were supposed to go over our fridge, but it's not quite tall enough. So some will go there, but not all.

We were given permission to put things into our new cabinets. Yippee!!!

We now have a light in front of our kitchen door on our back porch. Imagine the thrill!

This is what our dining room has looked like since mid June.

And this has been the lovely entryway/living room.

More dining room. Nice, huh?

Every. Where.

This is all that's left to go in. Not too shabby.

We are making progress. Still no sink/countertop. Been put on a two week delay. Excellent...

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