Saturday, September 8, 2012

Down to Bare Bones

SO I thought I'd give you a walk through From where we've been to where we are.
This is how it used to look. I know, it LOOKS cute... That square think only has two baby drawers. It's the space over the stairs leading into the basement. Does that make sense? Apparently, originally, that square thing was part of a butler's pantry and the kitchen was in the next picture down.

You wouldn't have been able to see that window from where I was standing, when the house was built. There was a wall blocking it off. The kitchen would've been along the wall with the sink and the little square area with the hanging light. (Which would have made that light make a lot more sense)

That's Jerry, our amazing contractor. So, they knocked the wall down and added those cabinets, and probably thought that bump out thing was a bargain, considering  how much space they gained.

Doors are off, everything (including the dishwasher that's been broken since we moved in) is still there.

That's an action shot.

And when you peel off the top painted layer of wall paper... there's MORE!

All gone!

And now the side ones are gone, also.

And now the bump out is down to nothing.  By the way, our entire house is made of outer layer of brick, wood and plaster (as shown below) and inner layer of brick or solid plaster.

Steve and I removed the wall paper. Ourselves.

Cabinets coming in.

More cabinets and drawers and pantry type items.

And there you have it. So far, so good. Quicker than I thought. Yeay!