Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Kitchen

Well the kitchen is down to bare bones. And I just want to cry. Truth: We couldn't have kept it the way it was. Things didn't work. It wasn't about me having to have the fanciest kitchen around. At all. Hitch: Electrical. When our house was inspected we were told everything was up to code but at some point things need to be put on 200 amps as opposed to the original 100 amps that everything is operating on. That's a lot more detail than anyone wants. But, basically, we were estimated at $2000-3000. Not money we're looking forward to spending, because we'd love to know why no one else ever bothered. Oh right, because they didn't care. It was easier and cheaper to just "add an extension cord" (how I wish I were joking)... Therefore, at the present time, to "fix our house" electrically, it will run between $4000-$5000... and the fact that the electrician had been estimated at being here for half a day (for the kitchen) and has been here for three so far... So, our kitchen is a bare box. But the bathroom is finished.
Pretty light fixture
cute corner sink
cute little built in
another view
Pictures don't really do the tiles justice. They're actually really cool looking. Like marble. I feel really ungrateful with this post. I am blessed to even HAVE a kitchen to redo. I am thankful that I have a real job this year so that I am making more money with which to help pay for the kitchen. But we both try really hard to live within a budget and always feel like we are scrimping to do so, therefore.... it's a bit of a blow. It'll all be fine someday. We just won't be going anywhere fun or relaxing for a very long time...


  1. It'll work out. It always works out. At least your house won't be in danger of blowing up with the electrical things fixed. Yay. Nice bathroom. I'm still wondering when our bathroom will get started. Right now its the car repairs which are estimated at $5500. The insurance should cover all but the $500 deductible... but its crazy that a deer could do that much damage.

  2. When I am in the midst of a challenge, I think about past challenges and how, now, I can look back and say that I got through it.

    Good that you know how blessed you are and that it will all be worth it; even though you're feeling the sting $ now. :)

    Your bathroom is beautiful!