Monday, September 13, 2010

Yellowstone - July 19, 2010

Yes, it was awhile ago... doesn't seem so long ago, on the one hand, but on the other hand, it seems long ago, because that Sohailah seems like she was a long time ago.

It's beautiful. And huge. I left Great Falls, Montana around 6 in the morning. I think I arrived around 10.

Being the History Geek... (sorry Ginger) just think this is cool.

There's so much TO the Park. I guess that's why it's a National Park.

Evidence of a fire. But, still beautiful, huh?

I'm not a HUGE picture taking flower person, but when they're everywhere and growing so freely, I become semi-inspired. (Of course, for truly beautiful photography, one must peruse Just Mom's blog - I'd link you to it if I knew how)

I stopped at the beginning and asked a Ranger what I needed to not miss as "highlights".
She said, "You must see the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, and of course, the Craters". She was right.

The Grand Canyon is pretty, and has this GREAT waterfall.

To do the waterfall justice, I think, you need to go the bottom. The trail is called Uncle Tom's trail, and is 328 steps to the bottom. That doesn't really sound like much. It FELT like much. This is my proof positive.

And then, on to the Craters. Kinda stinky, but fun to walk around and see.

There are LOTS of craters there aside from Old Faithful.

Who was not faithful. Ahhh... there are so many relative comments I could make at this point...

What are these called? Is this a buffalo? Or a bison?

Animals are not my thing. But it was big and just sitting there. And I can appreciate the coolness of that.

And this park flows right into the Grand Tetons. I really LIKE the Grand Tetons. Maybe that will be tomorrow's post.


  1. Such beautiful pictures . . . maybe we should take the kids there for vacation?

    Love the picture of you by the waterfall—beautiful! . . . Both you and the waterfall. : )

  2. You're sweet. It would be a GREAT vacation spot. They have camping AND really cool lodges. (which would be my choice...) And a long drive, but a pretty one.