Saturday, September 18, 2010

More Road Trip

I know, you thought I just put one of Ansel Adams' famous Snake River photos in here. Well...yes, I took that picture... see, when the object of your photo is this amazing, you pretty much can't take a bad picture. It's in the Grand Tetons. Again, something I didn't know. And so begins our journey. It's actually at the end of the drive through, but I thought it was so pretty I wanted to put it first. And since it's my blog and all...

So, from Yellowstone I drove directly into the Grand Tetons National Park. Wow. And I didn't even know it was there...I'm sure it would appear more grand if I had been there when the sun was in a more favorable position, but I was there in the afternoon (3-6) and on the East side of the mountains. Which is really the only way you can go, as far as it looks from the map.

This is basically at the beginning of the drive through the park. Thought it was pretty.

Here they are. Not much more to say, really.

The crazy thing is, I had JUST BEEN BLOWN away at Glacier National Park two days earlier.

If I had a family and I knew about this, I would pack them up and take them for a week. Okay, maybe 5 days - depending on how your children get along. If I were Heidi Jo and I had Adventure packets, it would be NO SWEAT.

I thought the scenery on the way there was really pretty, as well.

From here, I drove to Jasper, spent the night, and then drove to Mount Rushmore. Oh - and Crazy Horse. We took a massive 6 week family vacation the summer of 1977, and we drove through here. It was cool then, and equally cool now. Back then, it was totally encased in fog, and then the fog literally vanished when we stepped out to look at it.

To answer the DECADES OLD QUESTION: No. He is not finished yet.

This whole traveling alone and taking pictures thing...Not good.

Yes, I think all four Presidents on this mountain are great, but honestly, these two...

Seriously... Give. It. Up.

I spent the night with Kelli Portman's mom - in Vivian, South Dakota. The very same house where Kelli grew up. It was then and there that I learned that Kelli kept the Booth tradition of being Homecoming Queen - like her two sisters and brother (King) before her.

This is a picture from the front deck - for some reason I didn't take a picture of her beautiful and vibrant mom...
And the next day I drove to Sioux City, Iowa, where I had the fun privilege of seeing my old college friend, Sue Jensen (Nelson back then). She and her husband are the volunteer Youth Pastors at their church, and are doing a great job, I think. It was Wednesday, so I got to go with them and participate.

We went on a walk through a lovely State Park.

They talked about the Parable of the Seed and the Sower. And what kind of soil we are. And what kind of seed we want to be. Clever.

And then I drove home. And I still haven't written about Brainerd or my Grandma's farm or Bismarck. I will.


  1. I'm really enjoying your travel journal. Keep going. It's very pleasant getting it in small bite size pieces. Beautiful country.

  2. Great posts and you are really a good photographer!!!. Love the Ansel Adams one :o)

  3. ooh, i love these journey's! so close to our area....we do have some beautiful places here, and yes, we hope to make it out to yellowstone with the kids.

  4. Oh, how I envy you! I would love to see these places.

    Funny...I have kids, but sometimes when we go to a museum, or like when we went to Gettysburg, half way into it, they're dragging and getting bored.

    That won't stop me from taking them places and trying to get them to be as excited as I am, but a good traveling partner that's interested in all the things I am, would be fun. (Sometimes husband and I enjoy the same things.)