Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Advice, please?

I've been thinking that perhaps I should change the name of my blog - simply because I'm not sure I'm a fan of having my name googled and my blog just popping right on up.

I guess I had this thought that someone could take a picture of me from my blog and chop my head off and put it on a picture of a naked lady (who would probably not even look as good as me?!:)) and try to cause trouble for me. Which wouldn't be good. And I don't know why this thought occurred to me, but it has, and for that reason, I want to be sensitive to "privatizing my life" and perhaps being a bit more wise about what I "put out there".

Is it difficult to do, and once I do it, how do I prevent this blog from appearing online? Is there anyway I can do that, and not LOSE all of my old posts? Thoughts?

Thanks, blog-savvy friends!


  1. So sorry . . . not that savvy. But I'm sure someone is. : )

  2. You can change the title of your blog without changing the blog address. I'm not sure what else you are referring to with the pictures and editing them with the body of a naked lady...??? LOL You also can elect not to have your blog on the search engines by going to your dashboard and then to settings. Read through the options on the "basic" tab. mark no for listing... and search engine... It will cut WAY down on strangers just traveling through. Does that help?

  3. You can just go private and invite your readers. It's the best way to stay private. It's a bit of a hassle, but I have a couple of friends who only blog that way. I can still add them to my reader list, but need to log in to view their blogs.