Friday, September 17, 2010

Bits of my LAST Weekend Vol 4

So, I was out of foundation, moisturizer AND I felt that I needed an spf for my face.

May I introduce my favorite new product:

It is amazing. It's light, it provides coverage and it is ALL three!

And then there's this: it's blush. And lip stain. It's like a miracle product.

And I had THIS wonderful family over for dinner. Asher looks excited, right?

Yep - made the tortillas. Just like in Africa, only better? Maybe? Ava (the seven year old) said they were better than the store ones because they were made with love. Yes, she really is that adorable. Through and through. These GREAT people are friends I only recently reconnected with. What a blessing they are. Todd and I go back to ORU days. After college, there was a time when he and his two friends were friends with me and my two friends. It was a fun period. And Brook is simply lovely. One of those people that you literally feel like you've known forever. Kind, sweet, intuitive, smart, a true delight. AND! They live really close to me!

My class - I LOVE this class. I'm in Week 8 of 14 weeks, and I can honestly say, it's life-changing. It's quite a commitment, but it is exactly where I need to be right now. And the most interesting part for me is, if I hadn't gone through such a season of brokenness, I would not have EVER made the sacrifice to take it. Because, I have had to say NO to any Fall Tours on the East Coast - which financially, is a bit of a big deal. But, it's been really good for me to remind myself that neither ACTS, nor me, nor anyone else is my provider, but that God is, and He will.

And - must admit - my favorite part of the weekend. Talking on my phone at night. For hours.

Next week... CAbi. Get ready.


  1. Always nice to find great make-up!

    Oh to be a cook like you!

  2. I am moved by your commentment to this study.

  3. There's nothing like an evening with friends. That, and Laura Mercier makeup. ;-D

  4. Rollin' em out da the cloth! Just like mama taught ya.

  5. I am a huge fan of the Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer. Huge. I discovered it accidentally a few years back and there's nothing else quite like it.

    Love homemade tortillas. Yum!