Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Random Photos of Montana

This was on the edge of the first lake we stopped at on our drive through Glacier. Reminded me of Abraham and his journey. (Although, I'm not thinking Abraham actually encountered a lot of WATER on his journey...humor me...)

They take the Indian thing really seriously here, in Montana? Really have no other explanation. But they do sell coffee here. And I WASN'T inspired to stop for some.

I did actually almost lay on the road for this angle. Thank you.

The snow covered the path. I wasn't breaking any laws by "walking on the glacier" - I just did what I had to do. (And handed my camera to someone to pose for a photo- duh!)

Simply not sure.


  1. Didn't Abraham strike the rock and water came out? Can't really remember exactly . . . but that's a very pretty rock formation.

    Love the picture you "almost laid on the road to get"—I'd say your efforts were well spent. : )

  2. Opps. I think it was Moses. : )

  3. i commented on this....where did it go?

  4. LOL! Thanks for the history lesson. :-D

    btw ... I do love that rock formation.