Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Glacier National Park

Wow! It is SO beautiful here. I know, dumb thing to say... but seriously. Every view was more gorgeous than the next.

I drove from Fargo to a small town in Montana called Lewistown (not named after Lewis from Lewis and Clark though it would've been a WAY COOLER story - of course, I asked). I found a really charming hotel, built in 1909 as a boarding house for the school across the street. This guy bought it and has restored it, and it was great. The nicest hotel I stayed in on the whole trip.

Then, I headed to Great Falls, MT...not a lot going on there. Not a lot going on in most of Montana, I don't really think. It's all about the scenery.

This was a mustard field we passed... I guess you can probably TELL that, huh? But isn't it pretty? And it's not even the PARK!

So, I'll just let the photos speak for themselves.

Gotta love a pretty waterfall, huh? Too many to even count.

Yes - real live MOUNTAIN GOAT - and that is not with a zoom... walked right by our car as we were waiting for traffic. I know, they're not actually scary, but they are pretty cool to look at.

I was having a really good time...

We stayed in a lodge in the Park - it reminded me of how families holiday-ed in the 50's - just old-fashioned-ish. Our room had two twin beds - and it connected to a room next door that had a king. And a balcony - so we were apparently in the Kid's room. Hence, my feeling like it was something out of the 50's.

And this is the view from the deck, where we sat all bundled up as it got cool and more and more beautiful.

Some of the pretty wildflowers.


  1. Oh I enjoyed your tour and it brought back some very happy memories when Mickey & I were there in 1997!!!!

  2. Those pictures are just amazing!

  3. beautiful! i want to take my family there!

    what, no pictures of fargo? gotta love a nice flat piece of land don't ya? :o) that's where my brother, his wife and my two neices live.

  4. LOVE the photos. What a beautiful location. I want to go next time.