Thursday, August 19, 2010

North Dakota

Well, there are MANY posts I could do about North Dakota, and others WILL be forthcoming.

This one, however, I thought should get first status. This is a lovely little stop off between Fargo and Bismarck... when you just need to stretch your legs...

or look at the scenery....

Traveling alone can sometimes be tricky. What with the wind.

taking your own pictures to prove you were actually there, visiting Salem Sue...

Hard to get yourself AND the object of desire (And Sue is very desirable, is she not.. just LOOK at her...)

You like that straight under shot? I've never milked a cow, so I'm just assuming that it's all anatomically correct...

For those who are wondering whether the trip to see Salem Sue is worth it, let me entice you with the FACTS...
Statue Stats:
Location: New Salem, North Dakota (I-94 exit 127)
Height: 38 feet
Length: 50 feet
Weight: 12,000 lbs.
Construction Materials: fiberglass
Special Designation: World's Largest Holstein Cow
Name: Salem Sue
Year Built: 1974
Admission: Free (donations welcomed)

So now, all my Dakota friends... have YOU been to see Salem Sue?


  1. Too funny!

    You're pretty good at taking pictures of yourself. : )

  2. um no, and thanks to you, i now do not feel like i need to. once you've seen the teats of one.....well, it's all pretty much the same. :o)

    i am definitely taking notes on this journey however. visit waterfall---check. skip giant salem sue---check! thanks!

  3. Loving your pictures! Are these from your road trip? Or a different trip? My dad is working for an oil company in Egypt... they've been there about a year now and love it! That's how we got to go to Egypt in May/June. Its nice to know someone there! If you ever want to visit, I'm sure they woud LOVE to host you!! They've already had several of our friends come and visit!! They live just outside of Cairo, so they're close to Giza and all kinds of great stuff. :-)