Monday, August 30, 2010

Bits of my Road Trip - BONANZAVILLE!

This is especially for Heidi Jo. I've sensed, in my spirit, that Heidi Jo doesn't think there is ALL THAT MUCH TO DO in North Dakota - she was NOT impressed with Salem Sue...

So, Heidi Jo, I am pulling out ALL THE STOPS with this one. I believe West Fargo is a destination that will be put on your Bucket List before long.

I visited my aunt, uncle and cousins in Fargo. And went out to the farm with my aunt. That will be another post.

On our way back into town, I saw this old fashioned looking place, and being the nerd interested person that I am, I asked my aunt about it, and she told me it was called Bonanzaville, and then she very obligingly (as only aunts and uncles really do), stopped so I could look through the fence, and she pointed different places out.

So, here's the deal: North Dakota has acquired these original old buildings from all over the state, and put them in one place. It's set up like a little town, and they tell you all about the buildings - where they're from, when they were built, etc.

But, really, let me just SHOW you how amazing this little place is. Because, of COURSE, the next day as I was heading out of town, I drove right by, and, well things being as they are, I had to stop. And go in.

Fargo's First House: Built in 1869.

Also served as a jail, hotel and home to the Martin Hector family.

Wheatland Town Hall and Jail: Built in 1905 in Wheatland Township, ND.

This is where my dad's parents would go and vote. Little jail time, little voting... and supposedly my dad's high school class pictures are in here, also. It was closed for renovations, so I could only look through the window.

Train Depot

The person in charge lived here. I think that's funny and cool.

They meant business here in North Dakota. DON'T MESS AROUND.

Old phones - yeah, just thought they were cool.

If you were a telephone operator back then, would you have listened in on the phone conversations?

Thanks for touring Bonanzaville with me. Well, Heidi Jo?


  1. ironically i have family in fargo. so i should be all over it's sight seeing goodness. i will now have to call my brother and ask him WHY OH WHY he left this nugget out of our trips north! but thanks to you, i can pass over it on my way to the mall :o)

    good stuff, as always!

  2. I love it. You would have enjoyed traveling with Mickey & me because we LOVED seeing these kind of places!!! Loved the 2 eggs or a nickle for the call :o)

  3. There is something seriously wrong with that telephone operator! Is it the hair? Or many the way the hand is tilted from the arm like it's dislocated? Maybe it's the shirt or the way the earpiece isn't really situated over the ear. Hmmmm...