Monday, July 16, 2012

Random Photos of the House

We've lived here since April 6th. Wow - three months. I guess that feels about right. While I"m not ready to show you the whole house, as in a tour of the house, I thought I'd show a few bits and pieces. Here's the front. This is old. Not our car. But every time I try to get an outside shot, the lighting's bad...
Pretty, huh? I'm told it's deceiving. I guess our house is much larger inside than one would think. Here are a couple of other outside shots. Love the round red door. Cool, huh?
The inside, empty.
Dining room - from red to blue.
Cool mail catcher.
Close up of the cool old solid brass chandelier. (We'll replace the shades with something that goes with our new dining room set - pictures later)
So, there's a little bit of it for you!


  1. Your house has so much character. I especially love the front door and the curving stairway.

  2. The outside is attractive; I like the red door, too - with the round window. Can't say I've ever seen one like it. I also like the dark wood molding throughout. I can see why you bought this house. :)