Wednesday, July 11, 2012


I would really be abetter blogger starting with the summer. But, alas, it hasn't happened. SUMMER has happened, and is happening a little too quickly, to be honest, but blogging, not so much. I can't even pinpoint the reason why. So, a quick recap: The bathroom conversion from half to full is easily in it's 8th week, probably. I'm seriously not counting. Can't take it. SLOW GOING. Not sure why. Is it that they don't show up until 2pm, WHEN they show up? LOVE our contractor, but he doesn't do much of the work. A few pics:
Door closed off to make space for shower:
Floor all trashed.
Floor fixed. (Which is currently ruined again due to tiling of shower)
Tiling in progress.
What needs to happen next. Shower finished.(Grouting, door ordered...) New toilet and sink installed. Walls painted. Light fixture hung. And then the kitchen starts... We also went on our First Family Vacation. It was a success. Pictures forthcoming...


  1. Welcome back - I've missed you! Hang in there with the renovations. For those of us who have been through the construction process; what can I say? I guess... focus on the prize. And, you're a bit of a pro at it, based on your past projects. It's coming together.

    Looking forward to hearing about and seeing more of your house and tidbits about married life. :)

  2. Well I can tell you this, our bathroom CANNOT take 8 weeks. There's no way!! It's lookin good though. YAY!