Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Season

Tour Guide Season is quickly approaching. In a matter of days I will be back out "in it".

So, here's what I have done in regards to my Tour Guide Schedule.

I have printed off my list of trips.

I have gone through the list and highlighted my trips that go to NYC (9 out of 13).

I have written down the names of the school and organizer next to the trip to see how many are repeat trips for me. (6 out of 13). I like all of these particular people, so that's great.

I have written down the names of the Broadway Shows I am going to be seeing.
Lion King - 2
Phantom - 2
Mary Poppins - 3
Wicked - 1

And one as of yet undetermined.

I have RESISTED counting how many groups are taking the ferry to the Statue of Liberty v. The NY Waterways tour. I think there may be more "ferry riders" than "tours takers" - the ferry is more work, with the potential of missed ferry getter-oners... therefore, why concern myself with what may or may not happen, right?

I have RESISTED the urge to see how many wake up calls will be before 6am... again, why even go there?

I would LIKE to know, but have so far resisted the urge to see how many (if any) groups have adults in the rooms with the students... and I am up in the air about which I prefer. On one hand, I think I prefer adults in the rooms, because then there is someone old enough to hopefully commandeer out of control situations. On the other hand...

I am hoping that I will be sufficiently warm enough outside, this Spring. Seeing as how tours start for me February 13th, I am wondering if "hoping" is good enough. I did buy rain boots. Which will be great when it's raining. I'm wondering if perhaps, just perhaps, I should get something else.

I know I will be better prepared than 8th graders from Southern California who think that a hoodie and flip flops are good enough... and I'm working on my selective listening skills now... so I don't hear them when it's NOT good enough. Otherwise, they make me feel like giving THIS face...


  1. So you're off again. Boy the Broadway shows are great. I've never been to one, and probably never will. The show of a lifetime is awaiting us at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb's table though :o) I'll see ya there!!!!

  2. Sounds like a fun job...with a few drawbacks. :)
    I just did a post of "careers" on Tuesday. If you have time, stop by and add your experience to the interesting comments.

  3. Call me for WICKED please!!! and Lion King. ;-) Can't wait to see you.