Monday, February 8, 2010

If I May Be So Bold

as to suggest something for you and your family, or just you, if you don't have a family...

This DVD series is really remarkable. It is a ten episode, 30 minute series, describing in GREAT detail, but easily understandable, if God, does indeed, exist.

This series is put out by "True U", which is a branch(?) of Focus on the Family. Not sure how that whole thing works, but I must say, I think this series is a MUST-SEE for every person. ESPECIALLY IF YOU HAVE TEENS.

I don't claim to be an expert on raising children, but I have probably spent more time with a lot of teen-agers than their own parents, as a teacher. And here's what I think:

If your kid is CRAZY about the Lord, then they need to watch this series, because LIFE - non-believing teachers, friends, the media, etc will try to SUCK THAT OUT OF THEM, and this will give them a great way to be able to defend their faith when called up on to do so.

If your kid is struggling with the whole thought/concept etc of God (a lot or a little), this series could be an AMAZING tool for you and them to get through it.

And I think it would be great to be watched as a family. Looking for devotionals? Looking for ways to communicate with your teen? (Or even middle schoolers). Here you go. GREAT conversation starters, without it looking like you are just trying to "tell them something else" (and we know how teens can be with the whole don't want to listen to their parents even when they secretly know they're right)

Anyhow - I wish I could let you know how I really feel. I struggle with that, as I'm sure you're aware...

There is also this 30 minute promo called "The Toughest Test in College" which will REALLY make you want to watch this set with your kid(s). (And it comes WITH the series)

Now, maybe you're thinking, "Sohailah, my kids are under the age of 8." Get it and watch it with your husband - I know I am learning a TON from these. And I taught evangelism for 6 years and have been on mission trips a bunch.

These dvd's aren't afraid to talk about "WHY". That's one thing I really love about them. He's not BASHING you with FAITH FAITH FAITH FAITH. He says, there are REASONS for faith. And he come at it from the angle of physics AND biology.

For example, he says, "There is no doubt there was a Big Bang. But the Big Bang was an effect, not a cause. So... where's the cause?"

I know I am waxing eloquent going on and on and on about this, but I SO want for the people I love to be aware and get these. And I am sick and tired of kids going astray, primarily because they don't have the tools to KNOW the truth. Right? They have questions. And I think that's great, because there are ANSWERS!!!

p.s. The whole set is $49.99, and I do NOT work for Focus on the Family OR True U. And because I really really love you, but am none too clever, you can copy the link below and go straight to a place to order it. If I were clever, I would know how to create a link straight TO the page, like my more clever friends do.


  1. Sounds like wonderful material, Sohailah, that everyone with children should have. I guess you're getting ready to "hit the road"?

  2. I am... Excited and a bit apprehensive. Just about the weather and the hours and being away. But love the job.

  3. Thank you - I trust your opinion. I'll have to look into it for my kids.
    Keep blogging! :)

  4. More people need to be so bold. Parents everywhere are screaming for ways to reach their kids. Every tool in their hands that does not cram it down their kids throat is a blessing. Thanks for sharing!