Thursday, January 21, 2010

Question and Answer

First, I'd really like to know: why do some people put asterisks in some words when they are writing in their blogs? I don't get it and I'm very curious. Am I committing a really large blog mistake by NOT doing that? oh - and while we're at it - one other question: how do you do that typing thing where you can put a line through the word you really wanted to say? I feel I could be so much more clever if I only knew how to do that.

And - though no one asked me so it's not REALLY a answer:

You know how on a lot of websites you have to type in a word or two or letters that could maybe be a word? And they (don't know who they are) claim it is for security? well - it's actually part of some document that they (again, they are faceless and nameless) are wanting to convert from scan to text online. So, instead of paying someone to type it in for them, word by word they have US do it...

subVERsive? (just like the word)

and - it IS very tricky for me to type with a pathetic left hand - but I am a machine...


  1. ohhh!! wow - thanks so much - that makes me want to asterisk EVERYTHING!!! :)

  2. < del > asterics / < del> with no spaces will put a line through the word asterics. I'm not witty this morning because I'm tired and I have to go play the organ. Amos is giving the message today. Maybe I can give him a rather nice backhanded compliment afterwards... like "wow--that was a good sermon title, but have you been drinking this morning. Couldn't follow anything you said." DOH!

  3. Glad you asked those questions, because I was wondering about those things too. Thank you, and your readers for the answers. :)