Thursday, December 17, 2009

Jingle Bell Run

Last Saturday was the Jingle Bell Run in Tulsa. I have known about this race for years, but never run it. Always wished I was in good enough shape to just sign up and run a 5K because I wanted to.

And that's what I did.

Saw some fun friends there. Patty Gerstenberger - LOVE that lady!

Lisa Jernigan Blain - it has been YEARS since I've seen her and I love her too!

I didn't run my PR (Personal Record) - but I enjoyed myself and ran a 10:40 mile.

Which is fine by me.

Of course one of my favorite incentives is the Nike Sportband.

I LOVE this thing - it records my distance, pace, calories and how long (minutes) I've run. And it's been calibrated, so I know it's accurate. And I can download it onto my own page on Nike, so I can keep track of my mileage, etc. And the calories are based on my weight, which I am also able to enter.

So, on my 30 minutes lunch break, I just hit walk and walk a mile out and then back and I'm gone about 28 minutes and I've burned over 200 calories. It's a great little gadget. And I didn't buy the Nike shoes for the little pedometer part. You can go to Amazon and purchase a little velcro thing for $3.50 and pop it on your shoe and you're good to go!

It's good for walking and running, and you can pause it and start again and all sorts of neat little tricks! It also keeps track of your mileage per week and total.

And all for $60. (I feel I am a better spokesperson for Nike than Tiger)


  1. so slap something festive on a run like 'jingle bells' and that's supposed to make me think it could be fun...?? hmmm, maybe if they had a margarita marathon. way to go!

  2. So proud that you accomplished this!!!! The Niki thing sounds great.

  3. You finally got your sportband. I'm still mad at my post office!! Last week I received a thanksgiving card that was sent from IN on Nov 11th. WTH?? And during this Christmas season, you' think a day wouldn't go by when there isn't mail in the box. But I've gone twice now and found an empty box, only to have it overstuffed the following day. CAN WE SAY LAZY WORKERS??

    Anyway, sorry. Glad to hear about your junglebell run.

  4. WAHOO! SOMEDAY I will run a 5k. Really, I am in awe of you. Plus, I love that running gadget :)