Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hello, Ham Girl

That was one of the suggestions on how I could answer the phone here at my new temp assignment. I'm here for three (possibly more?!?) weeks, and my job is to take orders for the Holiday Ham.

Seriously - and I L-O-V-E the job. And this seems to be a really wonderful company. There are over 7900 employees, and they cover 17 states, and they offer very employee, RETIREE and SURVIVING SPOUSE an option of an American Express Gift Card or a ham. Now before you say, "Heck no - give me the money", let me tell you about this ham. 6-8 pounds, bone in, spiral cut, WITH a Honey Glaze packet. As much as I'm not necessarily a ham person, THIS sounds like one heck of a ham.

So far, I've had 283 orders for ham. Not much, when you consider the amount of people they offer extends to. But, these people who call in are SO appreciative and they LOVE their hams. One lady told me it was her 50th ham.

And, that's another thing - The people I get to talk to are delightful. Many of them are retirees - they are funny people.

This one retiree from Minnesota told me he lived in the very very NORTH part of Minnesota and up there they have two seasons: Winter and the Fourth of July.

For the record, the first time I answered the phone I said, "Ham Hotline" by mistake. Since then I have consistently said HOLIDAY Hotline.

It's a fun job - and I'm glad I was picked to do it.


  1. mmmmmmmmmmm.... hammmmmmmmmmm...

  2. You crack me up! Can I get a one?? What's the ham hotline number? 555-5555.