Monday, June 29, 2009

the Plan WAS...

In my heart and head the plan was to work temporary jobs here for July and August, and then head to Kenya September - November to help them start their school. School starts for them in January, and there is a gal who has her Masters In Christian Education Adminstration, and she is planning on going over there in January to actually run the school for a while. I would be the "front runner" so to speak. Testing/placing the children, doing necessary paperwork and helping interview teachers. I have my support letter written, and although this whole "don't have a job" thing is freaking me out to some extent, I have been here before, and have just been trusting that my heart feels really settled on this and therefore, things will work out.

However, the snafu is that OAI (Open Arms) may not be ready to launch the school then. They have a lot of projects going on, and SEVERAL short term teams going over - these things are GREAT!, by the way, but that means the school may need to be put on hold. I completely understand where they are at... I do not at all understand where I am at. I can't continue to not have a job indefinitely. I can't tour guide full-time in the Fall - there just isn't that kind of work available.

I don't know what to do, and I can't just sit around and cry, as that doesn't pay the bills.

I gave plasma yesterday - that was $30. I know that sounds pathetic... just covering my bases. I'm not even near homeless - but if i can't find temporary work, (And the jobs AREN'T lining themselves up), then I have to make some cash.

What do I WANT to do? Whatever it is God has for me. I am open. I will even teach again, if a job is thrown in my lap. (Dang, she IS desperate... :))

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  1. praying that God shows himself to be MORE than enough in every single way. love you!