Thursday, June 4, 2009

Around the House

I've decided since I was home for these two weeks between tours, that instead of being stressed about not having work, I would choose to be happy about the time to work on my home. I needed to change the locks after my "tenant" escapade, and so that began all of this. I went to Home Depot and priced door knobs, etc... and then I went to dinner at the Portman's...

Jeff and Kelli Portman have been my friends for ages. College era friends, like Karen and Gayla and Renee Scobel - friends that will be in my life FOR life. Kelli is truly a friend after my own heart in so many ways - we share a passion for gardening, (actually before dinner we took a stroll of the yard), at my request. Jeff just built her a raised bed - boy, does she have things planted! And she gave me a six-pack of tomato plants. I happily returned the favor with zinnia plants that had re-seeded over the winter.

Kelli is also a coupon gal - I LOVE that. She told me that on E Bay, you can BUY 10% coupons at Lowes and Home Depot. I bought three at Lowes for 3.50, and have already saved 14.00 on one purchase, so I have made my money back and created PROFITS!

Then she showed me the door handles and hinges they replaced. Dark oil rubbed bronze. I love them and she said, "We know it will increase our home value and decided to actually enjoy it, rather than do it right before we decide we want to sell." Which, as evidenced by so many shows on HGTV is what a large percentage of the people in our country do.

So I started thinking about MY Door Knobs, and this is what I found in my own home.

Now I LIKE these. These are the ones I picked out when I first moved in.

And then there's these... They must be the VERY cheap ones installed in 1984 when the house was built. DId I already say it? For CHEAP.

And then there's this one... no idea WHY it is on ONE bedroom door.
Nice, huh?

But, the door knobs I wanted were very expensive at Home Depot AND Lowes (the least expensive I saw was $24 each, which would have come to at least $300 with the dead bolts,and the priced soared to $40-$75 from there), so I hopped online and found a website called Each door knob and deadbolt priced in between $8 and $11. I was able to replace 9 door knobs and two deadbolts for $138, which included Fedex shipping.

AND... she had painted her bathroom cabinets and they looked wonderful. She told me the paint she had been recommended by some lady, and I got to it, and at Sherwin Williams they really treat you great - they even keep a record of every paint you buy, so they will ALWAYS be able to match it up for you if you ever need more.

I have HATED my mantle since BEFORE I bought the house.

It was the FIRST thing I wanted to change. But not even my father (who has had a Handy Man business as a side job for the past 30 years) could get that thing down. So, I have wanted to PAINT it. I thought maybe to match the brick mortar. And I finally did it last night.

I sanded it, primed it, and here it is.

I think it looks so much better.

I really like the color and am now going to tackle the bathroom cabinets which I have also disliked for four years (can't believe I have lived owned my home for four years!) This post is entirely too long - sorry about that - you are BRAVE for reading!


  1. Great job on the mantle. Enjoyed our lunch and visit :o)

  2. The MANTEL!!!! It looks sooooo nice! I thought it was the bricks... but you were right. The mantel needed something different. You ROCK!

  3. the mantel looks sooooooo good!!! well done, diy girl!

    speaking of gardening... remember the morning glory fiasco i left you with when i moved to indo??? i remember getting a pic of the condo OVERGROWN w/ morning glories. you were cursing me!!! ;-)

  4. Wow. Very impressive.

    Can you provide me with step-by-step instructions on how to replace door knobs? And while you're at it, how about instructions on how to replace sliding closet doors. :-D

  5. The mantel looks great! Love it dark like that.

  6. Hey way to go girl friend. Very nice!