Friday, December 21, 2012

House before and after

Our house had these really large red cedar trees. Cool, but too close to the house and we just weren't fans.

So we had them chopped down. Let's be honest, Steve was up in the tree, chopping down branches until his little wife got scared and requested he not go any higher. I felt 16 feet up was high enough.

I think the house looks much bigger now. I like it a lot more.

Now to sell the trunks. Supposedly, they are worth a lot of money.

Come on, Big Money.

yes, too much Wheel of Fortune at our house...


  1. I like it better with the cedars gone, too. Come on big money!!!!

  2. Happy New Year Sohailah and Fam!!!

    As much as I like trees, I gotta agree with you - your house is now showing how attractive it is.

    What's next on you and Cowboy's list. :)