Monday, December 12, 2011


Why in the heck have I not been blogging?! Too busy, bad computer, no good pictures...

all lame answers.

So, to re-cap the last four months before the bell rings for 7th hour:

Tomorrow will mark four months of marriage - WOW!

Yesterday was perhaps one of my top favorite five days with Cowboy - because we slept in, and it was just us. Breakfast at I hop (not a normal deal for us), grocery shopping together (not a normal deal for us), a relaxing afternoon on the couch, watching a movie for which I stayed awake (not a normal deal for us),and a really yummy dinner made by me (fairly normal).

I'm busy at my job, and I like it, but I'm ready for Christmas Break. I do more than I would normally do as an accompanist, but I like it.

We finally rented my house in Broken Arrow, and it seems as if the renter is not only a great tenant, but would love to buy the hosue. She has a daughter who has already made a friend in the bneighborhood, so we'll see. Certainly not holding our breath, but seems like a win-win for us.

We're ready to start looking for a house to call OURS. We'll see when that happens.

There goes the bell!

Love you all!


  1. I love it! I wish you many more unexpectedly special days like that!

  2. Yay. I thought you quite blogging altogether.

  3. I've been lazy too about blogging. Must be because we're having too much fun. ;-)

  4. I'm glad you're back and stopped by Sweet Tea and Sunshine. Congrats on the four months of wedded bliss, glad things are going so well for you!