Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Also Enamored

Monday was my Birthday, and Cowboy STAYED for it! COULD the man be any more amazing?!

I have these wonderful friends, the Portmans. I LOVE them. Jeff and I were HRA's together at ORU (FOREVER ago) and I first met Kelli MY Senior year, her Freshman year. We went down to Desti*n, FL together on Fall Break. PIDC - her van had a "Honk if you Love Jesus" bumper sticker. Excellent.

I have a pretty wonderful history with them - wonderful in that we have been friends throughout the years. I got to spend the night with their oldest, when the middle was born, and then I got to go over the morning that Kelli was induced with Julia and hang with the boys, this past November.

For probably the past five years, the Portmans have celebrated my birthday with me. They have had me over for lunch or dinner, and it has truly been a special time for me. A few them were particularly hard birthdays for various reasons, but these dear friends have never failed to love me, hope for me, pray for me and celebrate me.

So you can imagine the thrill of pleasure that ran through me when they STILL wanted to have me over for dinner Monday night - in spite of a 2 1/2 month old, and the fact that I had Cowboy with me.

We had a grand time. Daniel sang "Soul Sister", Michael WON at Apples to Apples (there wasn't even any cheating), the BRISKE*T was the most tender I have ever had, and I got to hold Julia.... sigh.... she is, perhaps, the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. And I don't mean to diminish anyone else's baby, but seriously... have you SEEN her?

Although, I must admit, I didn't see much of her face. She was all eyes for...

do you see how her neck is CRANED towards Cowboy?!

And not out of fear or curiosity or terror...

Pure adoration.

Darling, I TOTALLY get it. Me too.


  1. That adorable (probably most yummy smelling) baby has her first crush!

  2. :) It always makes me happy when people that I like like other people that I like.

  3. just the pic of the sweet baby girl looking at him, and knowing the warmth it puts in your heart to see it, makes me swoon, or sigh, or something dramatic. :)

  4. very very very very very very very LIKE~!!!!