Monday, June 21, 2010

Road Trip

Think I'm going to be taking a road trip this July.

Don't know why, except that I feel like it's something I need to do. Up through Minnesota, via Kansas City. To Brainerd, Fargo, possibly over to Billings, Montana, to Mount Rushmore, across SD, back through KC and home. 2-3 weeks.

driving. Bible on CD, cell phone to keep in touch so everyone knows I'm safe.

Seems odd to me, and also seems right. Kinda like Africa was for me.

Stop and see friends/relatives on the way - coffee, lunch, whatnot.

Visit my aunt and uncle, hopefully in Fargo. Haven't seen them since I was a Junior in High School. Won't even talk about how wrong that is - and visit my grandmother's grave - another very wrong step in my life - to not be at her funeral.

Maybe get some closure. Again, not exactly sure on what.

Just been rolling around in my head for about a week now.

We'll see.


  1. I hope I get to see you let me know when your going to be in Fargo I'll make sure I can get down there!

  2. I think sounds glorious! Will be praying that it is all you need it to be.

    (oh- and just got your email and emailing back soon!)

  3. if you end up heading a little further east than your current plan, let me know! we'll come meet you!

  4. Sounds great Sohara!!! hahaha. Bible on cd is cool but next time throw in some Zepplyn. Always good on trips. Speaking of Fargo, another great one that was in the top five but has fallen with the emergence of Gladiator.

    Cowboy Stevo