Sunday, October 4, 2009

Star Sightings

SO, there we were, leaving the Broadway Show The Lion King (yes, for the twelfth time... ok - maybe 13) and we were walking down 45th to the bus that was waiting for us on 8th Ave, when we came across a crowd. Yes, unusual for Manhattan. They were standing under a canopy by a Stage Door... the Stage Door that HUGH JACKMAN was going to come out of.

And here are the amazing photos I got with my new phone...

Does it seem blurry? That's him - the first guy

Oh yeah, no flash, no zoom...

We also saw Daniel Craig and Bill Pullman. I was GOING to take photos, but well... you saw the last ones.

And also. I LOVE my job, and just had the funniest group, but I miss home. My community at church, my friends, my garden, my bed, my house.


  1. I LOVE celeb sightings - so great. I want to be in your tour group. I MUST, someday