Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Heard this from a Friend

Many of you probably know I worked in Hawaii for about 6 weeks, last year. I still have a friend working over there, and I occasionally speak with him. Sometimes I even enjoy the conversations... :)

Anyhow - he told me this story and I thought it was hilarious - and so typically "Hawaii".

Apparently, he went into Kinkos to get 25 copies of a 50 page document copied and stapled. The guy asked him when he needed it and he said Tomorrow. To which the guy replied, "This is pretty think. We might have to staple it by hand." To which HE replied, "That's fine. It doesn't matter if it costs more." And then the over-achieving Hawaiian Kinkos worker said, "Well, we're out of toner."

...Yes, Folks, the Kinkos was out of toner. That makes sense...

After being in Hawaii last year, I have an opinion about people and Hawaii. (I know, SHOCKING!) I think it's where the lazy people from the Mainland go because they can't hack it here. Now - this gives true Hawaiians a bad name - because they actually ARE laid back - yet intelligent and hard working - when they need to be. But, not paTHEtic. That's reserved for the Mainland Transplants...


  1. That's exactly where I'd go to relax and become completely lazy!!!

  2. i'll have to ask just mom about that:0)